On 10/02/2013, College of Urban Works Construction (CUWC) and the German partners held the Minutes of agreement signing ceremony for the cooperation between Vietnam and German during the period of 2012 - 2015, and commenced building an environment-friendly model house in Vietnam. Attending the ceremony, there were representatives of MOC, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Toan - Deputy Minister of Construction; Mr. Pham Khanh Toan, Director of Department of International Cooperation. On the part of German organizations and partners were Mr. Peter Kompalla, Deputy Representative of s of Commerce and Industry Chamber in Vietnam; Mr. Horst Sommer, Director of Training Support Program under German International Cooperation (GIZ) in Vietnam;  Mr. Michael Petzsche, Project Director under  BFW Bau Sachsen eV; representatives from CUWC were Mr. Bui Hong Hue, Rector. There were also representatives from the Departments of the Ministry of Construction and the Vocational Training Department, representatives of the press and members of CUWC.

    The model house project lasts from 12/2012 to 10/2015 with the capital of 466,255 USD (approximately 10 billion VND). The objectives of the project are:

    1.  building a  environment friendly model house on the campus of  CUWC. The project will use many new energy saving and environment friendly materials and new technologies with sufficient systems such as electricity, water supply, energy saving system. The model house is not only a place to show new products, materials and technology but also to visit, study, practice skills for technical staff, professionals, teachers and skilled workers in the field of construction, architecture, electricity, water supply, energy saving and  environment.
    2. On the basis of the model house, the project will focus on strengthening the teaching resources in CUWC, thus, forming and testing a training program in new energy-saving and environment friendly construction technology to meet the development trend of " green building " in the future in Vietnam .
    3. transferring technology, training programs and curriculum through training, coaching teachers and experts in the field of  environment friendly building to replicate this model in Vietnam .

    Minutes of agreement between Vietnam and German period 2012 - 2015 has been signed  by Mr.  Phạm Khánh Toàn, Director of Department of International Cooperation (MỘC), Mr. BuiHong Hue, Rector of CUWC (MỘC);  Mr. Horst Sommer, Director Training Support Program of GIZ  in Vietnam and Mr. Michael Petzsche, Project Director of BFW Bau Sachsen eV.











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