On June 29th 2015, at the head office of the Ministry of Construction (MOC), Deputy Minister Nguyen Dinh Toan hosted a reception for the German Government Mission, led by Mr. Andreas Dernbach during their visit in Vietnam on Public Private Partnerships (PPP) projects with College of Urban Works Construction (CUWC).

    Attending the meeting, there was Director General Pham Khanh Toan - MOC’s International Cooperation Department, accompanied by Deputy Director General and representatives of Vietnam MOC’s functional departments:  Planning and Finance Dept.; Science, Technology and Environment Dept.; Organization and Personnel Dept.; Rector of CUWC and Director of the Vietnam – Germany Center (CUWC).

    On the side of partner, there was Ms. Susanne Sattlegger, Mr. Matthias Schoenneberger and representatives of Saxony Construction Vocational Training Promotion Association (BFW Bau Sachsen e.V.) - Federal Republic of Germany; Mr. Michael Petzsche - CUWC’s partner in the current project.


The working session scene


    At the meeting, Deputy Minister Nguyen Dinh Toan warmly welcomed the German mission to Vietnam with the task of promoting Vietnam - Germany relationship through PPP projects. Mr. Bui Hong Hue - CUWC’s Rector, summarized the results achieved during cooperation process, the difficulties and obstacles needed removing in the Vietnam - Germany project on building an environmentally friendly model house in the College’s campus during 2013 – 2016 period. Mr. Bui Hong Hue also proposed orientations and objectives for CUWC - Germany cooperation in the coming period.

    Mr. M.Petzssche - Project Manager of BFW Bau Sachsen in Vietnam confirmed the results achieved since his early days working on the projects with CUWC in Vietnam. He desired to further develop BFW - CUWC relationship.


Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Dinh Toan discussed issues relating to international cooperation and the current situation of Education and Training in Viet Nam


Mr. Bui Hong Hue (CUWC’s rector) reported the results of the project on building

an environmentally friendly model house in CUWC and recommendations for future projects


    On behalf of the Germany Government mission, Mr. Andreas Dernbach thanked Deputy Minister and the MOC’s officials for their warm welcome, which confirms a great support of MOC for the development of international cooperation in general and for the development between Germany and CUWC relationship in particular.

    During the meeting, the two sides discussed latest information concerning the vocational education system in Vietnam, the project and the cooperation process. Simultaneously, both sides continued to confirm the long-term strategic scheme for relationship development between the two partners in order to continue developing Germany Government’s PPP projects in CUWC as well as other future projects with MOC to develop qualified human resourcesfor enterprises in Vietnam’s Construction Industry as well as in the regions, especially towards the potential labor market in Germany.

Ngày đăng: 02/11/2016
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