1.1. The material facilities

      The College locates in Yen Thuong, Gia Lam, Hanoi with the total area of 5.1 ha. With spacious campus, the College offers complete and beautiful view. The branch of college in Hue city with the area of  more than 4ha has been put into operation and is being upgraded. 

      A combination of buildings serving for completed training courses at  all levels from workers, middle level technicians to engineers at college level includes lecture halls, libraries, workshops, a water treatment plant, a wastewater treatment plant, a miniature city water supply network, water meter assembling and testing workshop , pipeline installation yards, park systems, lakes, trees, lightings, a modern automation and compressor lab etc.

      The college offers advanced curriculum and qualified teachers trained domestic and abroad.

      In particular,  Water & Environment Training Centre, Foreign Languages and  Informatics Center,  Consulting and Labor Exporting Centre and Vietnam-German Construction Training Centre hold a key role in training, technology development and International cooperation.


1.2. Development process

      College of Urban Works Construction under the Ministry of Construction was established in 2004 on the basis of Construction Vocational Teacher  Training  School. 
      Achievements and Awards:

- 01 first class Labor Medal;

- 01 second class Labor Medal;

- 01 third class Labor Medal;

- 01 emulation flag from  the Government;

- 02 certificates of merit from the Government;

- 01 emulation flag from the Ministry of Construction;

- 01 emulation flag for pure and strong Party in five consecutive years (2000-2004) from   Hanoi Party Committee;

- 13 consecutive years of being recognized by Gia Lam Party Committee as the pure and strong Party;

- 01 emulation flag from  the General Confederation of Labor, Vietnam; many merits from ministries, localities and mass organizations for collective and individual achievements.



2.1. Courses at college level and pre-intermediate  level, includes

- Construction technology (civil and industrial construction majors) at;

- Construction Technology Teaching at College level;

- Water supply and drainage at college level and pre-intermediate  level;

- Electrical Engineering Technology (urban electricity major) at college and pre-intermediate  level;

- Applied Information Technology (Administration data processing of urban construction major) at College level;

- Construction Management (Construction Economics major) at college level;

- Engineering Geodesy (Engineering Geodesy major) at college level.


2.2. Vocational training courses at vocational and college level

- Water supply drainage;

- Civil Electrical;

- Industry Electric;

- Welding;

- Construction skills (bricklaying, carpentry, steel rod welding ...);

- Urban verdure management;

- Urban management;

- Waste treatment.


2.3. Advanced training courses

- Re-training and improving  skills and techniques for  staffs, teachers and workers;

- Short-term training courses on professional skills for technicians and workers from water supply and drainage companies, domestic and abroad urban environment firms.


2.4. Oriented training and education

- Orientation training courses, foreign languages courses for workers who want to work in foreign countries (South Korea, the Middle East, Malaysia ,...);

- Training team for Asean skills competition.

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