I. Introduction



Construction was established in 1998 at the same time of the Urban Construction works High School on the basis of Technical construction Pedagogical  school On February 2004, it was upgraded to the Urban Construction College and Construction Faculty takes a key role.

The year 2009-2010, it manage and train 33 classes:
- Campus No.1: 25 classes (including 19 colleges and sixth Intermediate grade classes)  with total number of 1243 students, pupils.
- Campus No.  2 (BRANCH OF URBAN WORKS CONSTRUCTION COLLEGE IN THUA THIEN HUE): 8 classes with 324 pupils,stundents


Fellow of 23 staffs lacture and teachers, in which:

Fellow of 23 staffs, teachers, in which:

- Dean (responsible for them): Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Minh;

- Scientific Secretary: BA. Kieu Quang Phong;

- MSc Degree: 19people

- BA Degree: 4 people




- Department of Mechanics and Structural of Works
- Department of Architecture
- Department of Execution


College of regular, professional and Intermediate Colleges 

Industry training:

Civil g and industrial technology construction, Technology of Construction techniques,Construction techniques Pedagogy, Construction Management.

It is equipped with:
Room with full equipment serve for management and training. The Faculty has been connected to the Internet, so teachers have chance to update technology, information, to serve the learning and teaching.

- The theory classrooms was equipped with modern  facilities like Overhead projector, computer, projector ...

- The laboratories and workshops was equipped with practical l tools, models, vehicles, modern equipment ... to meet the requirements of learning and research for teachers and students.
- Visual model with the practice, workshop practice basic skills training for workers, staff in art construction.


II. Functions and duties



- Construction Faculty is a unit of administrative management facilities of   Urban Contruction College, directly under  the leading  of the Principle, having a relationship with the Department, Faculty, Board, Center in College

- Construction Faculty has the function of training professional  staff for industry and Civil Construction , in colleges and Intermediate level construction. Vocational teacher system Pedagogy Civil Engineering college level. Technicians Contruction Economics at College level.


2. Duties and powers of Sciences:

- Organizing training process;

- Develop plans and teaching  progress and managing the progress implementation;

- Organizing of scientific research, international cooperation for training and producing

- Implement the given tasks of teaching, learning under the College’plan

- Management, fostering high professional qualifications, foreign languages, informatics and professional pedagogy for teaching staff, teachers

- Implement students management and education,

-  Buiding the target, training programs, programs to edit the content of science subjects that assumed;

- Improving teaching methods as well as models of specific equipment for lectures to enhance the quality of training;

- Research and propose  the professional issues;

+ Objective and content of  training programs

+ Specialized Training Scale

+ Improve the content and methods of teaching of all subjects

- Management and use of effective facilities in charge of the Department;

- Coordinate with Training Department to organize the inspection and examination all subjects, last semester, academic year, review the conditions for competition and graduation review recognized for graduating students, students;
- Review rewards and discipline for cadres, teachers, students.


III. Contact

- Address: 2nd Floor Administrative Region, College Of Urban Construction (Yen Thuong - Gia Lam)
- Phone:(04) 3698.0680
- Email:kxd@cuwc.edu.vn

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