I. Introduction


1. History 
It was established in 2004 with the decision to establish the Urban Construction College – Main  subject includes: Foreign Languages, Mathematical, Physics, Physical and Defense Education.


2. Team of fifteen staffs and teachers, in which:
- Deputy Dean : Mr. Quach Manh Chu (MSc);
- Masters degree: 4 people;
- BA Degree : 11 people  (2 of them are doing master degree);


3. Facilities:

Currently, the basic is equipped with:

- An office with sufficient equipment to work;

- Two computer rooms;

- A foreign language lab.


II.  Functions and duties


- Organizing training process;
- Organizing of scientific research, international cooperation, assisting in training and production;
- Organizing objective building, training programs, editing the content of subjects . Improving teaching methods as well as registration device model for all faculty teaching tools to enhance training quality;

-  Fostering good student, tutoring to help weak students;
- Coordinate with other faculty to fulfil the training and management task;
- Review rewards and discipline for cadres, teachers, students.


III. Contact

- Address: 2nd Floor, the administration, college of urban works construction (Yen Thuong, Gia Lam, Hanoi).
- Tel: (04) 3698.0679
- Email: kdtn@cuwc.edu.vn or khoacobandothi@gmail.com


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