Functions and duties


Assistance for  principal in the management: life management, equipment management of the College


- Taking plans and organize the procurement, management and maintenance of all equipment and technical school;
- Taking plans to repair program against degradation, construction projects, major repair projects. Organize the implementation of projects when the competent authorities for approval;
- Proposing and organizing the implementation of the decision of the Rector of the transfer, use and liquidation of assets and equipment of the College;
- Organizations perform service activities in accordance with functions.


Team rooms

- Manager: Mr. Duong Danh Son 
- Deputy Manager: MR. Ngo Van Thao 

- Deputy Manager: MR. Nguyen Cong Duc 
- Employees: 8 people



- Phone: (04) 87880399

- Fax: (04) 8271305

- Email:

Ngày đăng: 22/10/2016

College of Urban Works Construction - CDT

Address: Yen Thuong Street, Gia Lam, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Phone and Fax: Phòng Tổ chức - Hành chính 84-4-3827 1305

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