Science and international relations Dept takes  an important role in the institution and training; was established in December 2006.



Fellow of 4 staff

- Manager: Mrs. Vu Thi Nga(MSc) 
- Master degree: 2 people
- BA degrees: 2 people




      Advise to  the managing board in the fields of scientific research and technology transfering. Participation, cooperation and collaboration, in training, academic exchanges  in the country as well as with countries in the region and the world. Assistance for Principals in development of international cooperation relationship.



Duties and powers


Management, science research and technology application

- Standing Advisory Council for Science and Education building orientation and planning priority research plan for each phase in each area;

- Applied research achievements in science and new technologies, use new equipment and methods for training and teaching. Joining technical advice for the selection of technology and equipment, testing new equipment and other new services;

- Receiving organizing and managing the implementation of the program, the subject of scientific research  for all staff and students. Following and inspection units in implementation plans, progress and content of research;
- Organizing conferences, science activities for college, industry, national and international. Organizing  scientific information in and out of college, the scientific meeting of the school. Coordinate with organizations related scientific research for young staff and students participated in student prize for scientific research of ministries, department. Preliminary review, summarizing the scientific activities each semester or year;
- Publishing scientific publications, post the results of scientific research of the staff, students and students in all schools. Managing the website;

-  Coodinating with  organization who involve in finding additiona sources of equipment and well- organized the usiong of facilitiea rof scientific research and technology transfering;

- Propose and organize the review commended the work of scientific research, scientific innovations and technology transfer at all levels;


- Storing materials science and illustration for teaching;

- Organizing  technology transferring scientific and technical class for all staff, teachers and partners needs.Attend in training, teaching and guiding students, tutorial  and  doing graduation thesis.


International relations

- The cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer units at home and abroad  to choose topics, programs, partners, effectively decided by the Principal;

- Making projects and foreign cooperation. Organizing  signed, taking an eyes in implementation, periodic review, summarize and evaluate the finished project;
- Proactively seek and maintain good relationships with partners inside and outside the country. Collection, gather scientific and technical information and detect organizations and individualswhich has capable, prestigious in the field of training, scientific research and technology transfer, with goodwill  and helping to propose to the Principal establish relations of cooperation;
- Following, inspection, timely detection and propose measures to solve these phenomena wrong, violating the working partnership of the University;

- Coordinate, guide and assist the Faculty Center to develop a relationship of cooperation. Responsible management relations activities of the units in the field;
- Cooperating with local and foreign construction and deployment of contract research. Cooperation in research and implementation of research findings for training and teaching


Comments made peace the reward and discipline under the provisions of the State and the school

Implementation of the work and the working regime of the Head, Deputy and employees in accordance with the State and  Principal




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