Functions and duties


To assist for Principal to manage all areas in the boarding-school.

- Manage the work of housing services,arrange accommodation for pupils,students;
- Management  refectory services, ensuring good service meals for teachers and students;
- Manage Water and electricity networks , ensuring power supply -  for teachers and students. Taking regularly inspection,  repair and maintenance electricity and water system;
- Organization of activities on health - sanitation: Health, treatment, first aid, health care initially for teachers, pupils, students in all schools. Maintain general hygiene schools regularly to keep the environment green-clean-nice. Planning disease prevention;
- Annual physical examination held regularly for staff ,  health examination for students at the beginning of each year;
- Security mission: Regular patrol, inspect, detect and promptly prevent unsafe acts, violation of  security, violating rules and regulations, social evils ...


Fellow of  Boarding- School Management

- Chief of Security: Mr. Nguyen Van Hien 
- The Task:   facilities and services management group; , environmental sanitation group; Security Group



- Phone: (04).6980681 -(0913554376)

- Fax: (04) 8271305

- Email: 

Ngày đăng: 22/10/2016

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