Center for Construction Consultancy and Labor Export under CUWC  was established under Decision No 704/QĐ-BXD dated 27/4/2004 by Minister of Construction with the former name of Center for Technology Application and Labor Export.



- Director: Mr. Tran Khac Liem.


Functions and tasks

1- Planning design, architectural design, structural design, engineering design; estimating total cost of civil and industrial works, bridges, roads, water supply and drainage works, electric power works;

2- Construction consultancy on civil and industrial works, urban infrastructure engineering works; management consultancy on  investment projects; consultancy on bidding documentation as well as analyzing and evaluating tenders; verifying technical design documents; and estimating total cost of construction works;

3- Conducting geodetic, geological and hydrogeology survey for construction works;

4- Supervising execution activities of civil and industrial works, infrastructural works, water supply and sewerage works and electrical works;

5- Executing, installing civil and industrial works

6 - Testing quality of building materials and construction works; technical services of interior and exterior works.




      So far has nearly 50,000 officers, employees, workers who are trained , retrained and checked at Urban Construction College to go abroad.
      Promote traditional of college,  in the year of 2005, Construction consultancy and labor export Center were trained and checked nearly 5000 employees to work oversea.
      As follows:
- Training  Korean from 1 to 3 months to 1250 emplyees as follows:
+ Department of international cooperation: 750 participations.
+ Enterprise : 500 participations.
- Making aptitude test for 1800  participations working abroad
- Supplementary for carpentry, welding, steel welding , building for 500 participations.
- Labor supply  student labor to South Korea under the new licensing laws from 2004 to now is 320 people.



- Employees in the central execute all  policies and the laws of the Party and State; take place and complete the given- tasks;
- To speed up the movement of scientific research; improve teaching methods and take professional skill for students to work abroad;
- To maintain the title of the labor collective excellence.


Implementation measures
- Coordinating with others schools, institutes, enterprises, organizations and abroad to organize scientific research, experimental scientists;

- Coordinate the production of equipment for practical training, technology transfer and fostering students to labor cooperation;
- Coordinate with other departments, scientific functions for successful implementation of the training and skill test.



- The Headquarter located at the Urban Construction College (Yen Thuong, Gia Lam District, Hanoi)

- Phone:(04) 38782327; (04)38271305

- Fax:(04)38271305

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College of Urban Works Construction - CDT

Address: Yen Thuong Street, Gia Lam, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Phone and Fax: Phòng Tổ chức - Hành chính 84-4-3827 1305

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